Welcome to Radiance International, a group of companies. We have been trading for 15 years and have established a significant customer base in various countries around the globe. We, through our various networks, have managed to create many opportunities in the area of commodity trading and this has in turn produced a portfolio that is wide ranging and diverse.
As a global citizen, Radiance International tries to identify itself as being a part of the emerging world community and undertakes actions to build and rebuild the values and principles which are so very important to identify and respond to a variety of human needs - social, religious, political, and economic. The G. A. Bhojani & Family trust provides community services in various areas such as education, healthcare, basic livelihood, old age homes, and orphanages.
We strive to:

·       Be aware about the needs pertaining to the wider world
·       Respect the values and diversities of various people, religions, sects, and secular beliefs
·       Have an understanding about how the world works economically, socially, politically, technologically, culturally, and environmentally
·       Condemn social injustice
·       Participate and contribute to the global communities at large - from local to global communities
·       Make the world communities more sustainable and peaceful.